IT Career Spotlight: Cybersecurity

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Get ready for a high-paying career in IT! Your pathway begins in 9th grade with math courses linked directly with information technology careers…and continues through an associate’s degree or certification in an IT career field.

Why Cybersecurity?

In the digital age, protecting information and business systems is vital to not only every business but every person. Cybersecurity professionals play an essential role in insuring that information, as well as essential systems that support our daily lives, are protected.  These skill sets are in demand in every job sector and industry so not only are there many career opportunities, but you will also have flexibility in choosing an industry that interests you. Healthcare, agriculture, transportation, and financial institutions need cyber talent. Be part of an exciting, challenging field that can offer continual growth potential and  provide you with a substantial income.

According to CompTIA and the US Department of Labor, cybersecurity jobs have great salaries. Average salaries are…

Job Title Average Salary
Cybersecurity Analyst $95,000
Cybersecurity Consultant $91,000
Cybersecurity Manager / Administrator $110,140
Vulnerability Analyst / Penetration Tester $103,000
Cybersecurity Specialist / Technician $92,000
Incident Analyst / Responder $89,000




Learn and Work Where You Are

Stay in your current high school and get the training and education you need for IT jobs in Cybersecurity. Work with local businesses while in high school to get real-life experience. Once you have your degrees or certificates, you’re ready to land those high-paying jobs.

One more benefit…most of these jobs you can do from anywhere, no matter where the companies are.

More about Cybersecurity Jobs

CompTIA has a great blog post about cybersecurity jobs, training, and experiences.
Check it out here!

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