As technology infiltrates our daily lives at school work and home, we should embrace the fact that it can be a problem solver, a tool to increase efficiency and in general, enhance our lives for the better. The opportunities for growth and expansion of skills are endless. Listen to some career stories from New Mexico professionals who have found their niche in the tech industry.

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Having a tech career allows you to be part of an industry that continues to grow in New Mexico as well as nationally. While an IT or cybersecurity skill-set is high value in a growing job market, the skills are also in demand for every career pathway you pursue. Possessing these skills makes you an asset for any career you choose.


As technology improves, it is a requirement for IT professionals to evolve. That continuous pursuit of knowledge will allow you to expand your skill set much faster and easier than in other industries. It is not unusual for a tech professional to move from an entry-level position to a mid-level position within a few years or less!


IT professionals are held in high esteem for their unique skill sets making them invaluable to in any business. When It comes to the financial compensation for your work, it is significantly higher than the average norm event at entry-level positions. Your earning potential allows for a saving wage rather than just a living wage.


Acquiring unique skills and having the ability to demonstrate technical expertise and proof of experience and education are required in every industry. What skilled IT professionals don’t necessarily need as a 4-year degree. If you have the right certifications and display an aptitude for completing various tasks, it can be enough to get you in an entry-level position. From there, the sky is the limit!

Did you know…

Cybersecurity is one of the top 20 fasted growing fields in the country and there are currently over 3,000 cybersecurity job openings in New Mexico? There are over 700,000 nationwide!

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