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One of the most impactful components embedded in the structure of the EEDW project is the large role business and industry partnerships will play in supporting students on their journey to career readiness. Providing students with real­ world application and career connected learning experiences will simultaneously prepare them for the expectation in technical skills and workplace readiness skills.

Solutions for Your Workforce Needs

When you’re thinking about your future workforce, what is your vision for ideal talent? What are the high-value technical and interpersonal skills that you look for in potential job candidates? Becoming a program partner is the best opportunity to engage prospective applicants and future company employees.

  • Gain a better sense of NM IT academic programs
  • Learn the types of skills students are acquiring in the classroom
  • Take advantage in shaping those learning opportunities to fit your business needs

Engagement Opportunities

Online Q&A Sessions

In this activity, students will have an opportunity to ask about career and workplace experiences, gaining real-world application, relevance, and confidence in their career paths. In turn, these sessions will allow you to learn what students are learning and understand their needs for workplace readiness.

Capstone Projects/Experiences

You can help create and support students in projects that are long-term, investigative experiences. These projects will serve as multi-faceted assignments that enable students to share their learning acquisition with industry professionals, broadening students’ technical skills and giving you insight to where you can offer the most support. We anticipate kicking off projects in 2025.

Student Mentorship

With your expertise, you can provide valuable insight and guidance to students as they prepare for careers. Through online mentorship, you can interact with students on your time and at your convenience. Students will gain career knowledge and build their professional understanding and characteristics needed to succeed in the workforce. While students gain valuable knowledge, you can use these opportunities to identify and shape potential employees.

On-site Student Visits

Whether students are just starting to explore career options, or their mind is made up on their chosen path, site visits are always a valuable experience to make the connection between academics and the world of work. A benefit to you is the ability to give students first-hand accounts of workplace expectations and day-to-day activities and to confirm or dispel any preconceived notions students may have about careers in IT.

Advisory Board

As a key component to overall student and project success, members of the board contribute to the goals and desired outcomes of the EEDW project. Currently, the board collaborates the last Wednesday of the month with the EEDW team via virtual meetings. By sharing your industry knowledge and expertise, we can ensure that the growth and directions of this important project will not only benefit students but also may contribute to your business by providing potential, work-ready employees.

Business and Industry FAQs

See the currently participating early college high schools by CLICKING HERE.

See all the available programs of study at partnering higher education institutions by CLICKING HERE.

Time commitment is dependent on the type of activity you wish to participate in.

The Q&A sessions will be scheduled for an hour and you will meet with students in a virtual cohort setting. We will be scheduling 2 in the fall and 2 in the spring. If you only wish to participate in one of them, that’s perfectly fine. Once we determine the dates, we will reach out to you to see what your preference is.

Capstone projects and online mentoring would be longer term, but that's entirely up to you. These will be offered in a virtual setting as well.

Early College High Schools (ECHSs) are high school focused on career readiness, higher education degrees, and industry certificates. Once students identify their career pathway, they enroll in higher education programs and spend two or more years focused on those programs.

Learn about ECHS design here

Students already in an IT pathway will be invited from the early college high schools from around the state. The majority of the schools are very small, so expect about 20 students per visit.

We envision students making the connection from college to career by being able to tour a relevant place of business, meet and interact with professionals in the careers they will be pursuing and gaining insight to the purpose and mission of various IT and cybersecurity roles.

Contact Jaime Cherry, the EEDW Business Engagement and Communications Coordinator, at, 505-239-2993

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