Project Overview

Extending Equity into the Digital Workforce

Mission and Purpose

The Four Corners Regional Education Cooperative #1, and partnering schools and district are on a mission to help prepare students for post-secondary success, whether in higher education, trade schools, or directly in the workforce.

The purpose of EEDW is to provide students with the tools, knowledge, and skills necessary for high-paying jobs in information technologies, with an emphasis on cybersecurity.

Project Summary

To achieve this mission, the Four Corners Regional Education Cooperative #1 received U.S. Department of Education funding to implement Extending Equity into the Digital Workforce, a 4-year project to support the development and deployment of a 100% virtual pathway in information technologies. Initially, the pathway will be offered through New Mexico’s Early College High Schools.

The pathway will begin with mathematics curricula based on various career applications. Specific IT courses will be offered in conjunction with higher education partners, allowing students to gain credits towards a certificate in cybersecurity and/or information technologies.

Business partnerships will offer ongoing mentoring for students, as well as offer capstone projects as a final pathway of the component.

Project Components:

EEDW has four major project components.

Outreach to SCHSs, IHEs

Math and IT curriculum

Business partnerships

Pathway and enrollment


Project Goals and Objectives

Goal 1:

Build programs that will increase college readiness and post secondary enrollment in high demand IT / STEM careers.

Goal 2:

Narrow the opportunity gaps in the state’s education system for students of color and other high-need students.

Goal 3:

Increase efficiencies and build capacity for designated programs

# Objective Activities
1 20 ECHSs offer the Online IT ECHS pathway
  • white papers on research
  • webinars and outreach
  • professional development on careers
  • ensure student support
  • Digital Equity meetings
2 Increase student preparedness for STEM college pathways and digitally rich workplaces
  • develop IT course sequences and courses
  • hire / support instructors
  • deliver IT courses through shared platform
  • deliver mathematics courses through shared platform
3 30+ business partners engage with students online as role models, mentors, and career guides
  • review and update CLNA findings relative to IT
  • engage business / industry partners
  • produce industry videos for use in courses
  • host monthly Q&A sessions for students
  • develop capstone projects
  • provide workplace experiences
4 2900 ECHS students will have an opportunity to enroll in the online IT ECHS career pathway
  • enroll 525 9th grade students per year
  • ensure local student supports and advisement