Project Overview

Extending Equity into the Digital Workforce


The Four Corners Regional Education Cooperative #1 and partnering Early College High Schools are on a mission to help prepare students for post-secondary success, whether in higher education, trade schools, or directly in the workforce.

Thanks to an Education Innovation and Research (EIR) grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Extending Equity into the Digital Workforce will focus on encouraging students to enroll in online IT courses from their higher education partners and providing support that help them succeed.


The purpose of EEWD is to prepare students for the NM IT workforce, not only with technical skills but also with career readiness.


EEDW has three major project components.

Outreach to ECHSs, IHEs
Business Partnerships
Pathway and Enrollment


Understand the benefits for ECHS students of enrolling in at least one online IT course and engaging with partner businesses, relative to not enrolling in any online IT courses.


  • Enter into partnerships with ECHS leadership to conduct a study of online IT coursework efficacy.
  • Facilitate partnerships between participating ECHSs and higher education partners for students to enroll in online IT programs of study.
  • Establish business and industry partnerships to support students’ development of IT competency among students in IT courses.

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