Industry Professionals Answer Essential Questions

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TIME (min/sec) TOPIC
Panel Introductions
what are some of the most common misconceptions that people might have about a career in Tech?
10:16 For a student who knows they want to get into Tech Industry, should the student pursue a degree or certification?
16:55 Have you mentored students who attend an ECHS? If not, are there places where counselors should try to place their students?
23:28 What does a home lab look like? how do we get students started in that?
25:47 What was the turn that made you decide to go in to the Tech World?
32:16 Do employers check social media? Can it be a factor in you being interviewed or hired?
41:49 What can you tell us about AI or other emergent technologies that are out there?
How can students prepare to get ahead of these?
48:19 What is some sage advice you could offer students who are exploring or are in a pathway in IT?

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