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CyberStart America gives students in 9th-12th grade free access to the world-renowned Cyberstart game. Tackle four unique bases, each focusing on both offensive and defensive cybersecurity disciplines. Explore over 200 unique security challenges which you’ll solve as a cybersecurity agent investigating criminal gangs.  Get access to an extensive field manual featuring video demos, top tips and essential background information to help with challenges. Unlock a hidden interest, progress from novice to expert and demonstrate your skills to win scholarships.

Why I work is a budget tool that shows you how much money you need to make to afford the things you want and need. Wheter you’re looking for a new job, making long-term career choices, or both, knowing how much money you need to earn is very important in making employment and career decisions that are right for you.

As technology continues to advance, digital skills become increasingly crucial. Fast typing is one of those essential skills that enable you to navigate the digital landscape more efficiently! Take a typing speed test and keep sharpening those skills!

Anyone can learn computer science! Explore free courses and activities where you can learn about AI, coding and so much more. Create a free account to save your projects.