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EEDW at Your School

EEDW is fundamentally a research study to determine the efficacy of online learning in IT pathways within ECHSs. Along the way, we can create new opportunities for student success, and we can provide ECHSs with a host of supports and resources to help their students succeed in their higher education programs of study.

Study Design

For this study, we’re using a “randomized encouragement design.” Randomly selected students will receive information, encouragement, and other opportunities to encourage them to take online IT courses.

It’s a great project design because no students will be prevented from enrolling in online IT courses or accessing other project components.

How It Works: Basic Steps

  1. Collaborate with Eric Arpelar (email), ECHS Coordinator, on program design, school needs, and student opportunities
  2. Sign the MOU (download the MOU template)
  3. Send student enrollment information to REC-1 for random assignment
  4. REC-1 will send an “opt out” form to all parents / guardians before selecting students
  5. Set up text/communication group for selected students
  6. Send up to 4 messages per semester to selected students (We’ll send you the content)
  7. As available, help facilitate student access to business & industry opportunities

Download the full details

EEDW School Benefits

Help accessing HED IT programs and course offerings of study, both online and face-to-face

Assistance promoting IT pathways and careers among current and incoming students

Strengthening HED–ECHS student support communication loops

Facilitating new HED programs of study development

Building business & industry partnerships for mentoring, career Q&As,
and real-life job experiences in IT

Providing funding for resources, supplies, instruction, and more

Got Questions?

Yes. Where students can access the online courses is up to you. You can require that they access courses from your school building, such as by establishing times in their normal class schedules for taking the online courses.
No. Students can choose any instructional model that's available from your higher ed. partners. We'll be encouraging students to take online IT courses, but they can take the courses that best meet their needs.
Discuss participation with Eric Arpelar, EEDW ECHS Coordinator. Then, sign and return the MOU. (Download the MOU template here.)
You are able to enroll students in programs at other HEDs, for both online and face-to-face courses, if yours doesn't offer the program you want. We can help you build relationships with higher education partners that have the programs and courses your students need.