Business Partnership Team

EEDW Business Partnership Team

The BPT focuses on needs of, and involvement by, business and industry partners. The team consists of representatives of various industries from multiple sectors that engage with information technologies, specifically cybersecurity.

EEDW Business Engagement and Communications Coordinator

Jaime Cherry serves as the Business Engagement Coordinator to develop partnerships with businesses and industry in support of students’ career development. She leads the Business Partnership Team, helps design students’ capstone projects and on-the-job experiences, and develops career resources.

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Chris Hammer
Cybersecurity Specialist

Business Sector: Network Management Services, Cybersecurity

About Chris Hammer: Chris Hammer specializes in cybersecurity and works with clients to understand their unique risks to identify the best solutions to enhance each clients’ security program and ability to respond to threats.

Kent Hodges
Senior Operations Manager
Encantado Technical Solutions, LLC

Business Sector: IT systems development, management, and operational support

About Kent Hodges: Kent leads a large team of IT and customer service experts providing support to two of the premier Department of Energy Labs in the United States. He is also a U.S. Army Veteran who specialized in communications and IT and has over 20 years of private sector leadership and customer service experience.

Kirk Gourley
General Manager
Oso Grande Technologies

Business sector: Data Center, collocation, telecommunications, networking 

Kirk Gourley manages a Data Center in central Albuquerque. Kirk runs a small team that provides data center collocation and services to customers all over the states. Kirk has worked in multiple fields of IT and has multiple degrees in various IT sectors.

Stephen Rickman
Director of Network and Information
City of Clovis, NM

Business Sector: Cities and Local Governments

Stephen leads a team that provides technology security and support for the various city departments, including critical infrastructure.  He also has 30 years’ experience in technology with the telecommunications sector including leading teams in software development, enterprise network infrastructure and security, data center management, and managed services.


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