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Project Research Support

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White Papers on Project Components

  • Virtual Learning for Higher Education Courses (download)
  • Mentorships for Students in Career Explorations (download)
  • Industry Demand for IT and Cybersecurity Professionals (download)
  • Soft Skills and Hireability (download)
  • Social Emotional Learning and Online Classes (download)

Research Support for Project Design

Preventing Dropout in Secondary Schools

Link to Report Overview

Key Finding: “Engage students by offering curricula and programs that connect schoolwork with college and career success and that improve students’ capacity to manage challenges in and out of school.”

Of the four recommendations, only this strategy is considered “Tier 1” with strong evidence!

Early High School STEM Perceptions Associated With Postsecondary Outcomes

Link to Report

Key Findings:

“focusing on skills development is the most equitable approach to graduation requirements since it allows students to learn and demonstrate those skills in the way that works best for them”

“Students’ attitudes toward their ninth grade math courses were correlated with on-time high school graduation. Likewise, students’ attitudes toward both ninth grade math and science courses were correlated with four-year college enrollment and pursuit of a STEM major.”

“The relationship between STEM mindsets and pursuit of a STEM major was strongest for female students and students from families with low incomes.”

“STEM professors’ mindsets influence their students’ motivation, and having a teacher who believes intelligence is malleable can help close the achievement gap between white students and students of color.”

“schools fostering climates of curiosity increased student achievement by half a grade point”

“What is more, new research suggests that one common strategy to boost student interest—simply telling them that math is important—can actually decrease interest in the subject, especially for students who already lack confidence in their math abilities.”

“Making school more relevant to students is one way teachers can effectively increase student interest.”

“Helping students find purpose and relevance in their schoolwork helps them view school as more valuable, which can promote deeper learning.”


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