Business Connection

Business and Industry 

One of the most impactful components embedded in the structure of the EEDW project is the large role business and industry partnerships will play. Through various modes of engagement, these partners will not only be an asset to students by providing workplace readiness skills, relevant Q&A sessions and mentoring, but will also be invaluable to the overall program by providing curriculum support through capstone projects, board advisement, and higher education partnerships.

Capstone Projects/Experiences

Cybersecurity/IT industry members will help create, and support implementation into the curriculum, projects that are long-term, investigative experiences relevant to the appropriate pathway. These projects will serve as a multifaceted assignment that will enable students to demonstrate their learning acquisition while enabling them to broaden technical skills, while simultaneously receiving guidance and mentorship form industry.

Q&A Sessions

Each month, employers will have the opportunity present a real-time question and answer session with students. Kids in an IT or Cyber pathway will have real-world application and relevance to their own career track. Through this activity, students will gain more confidence in their pathway and in turn, industry will gain a deeper understanding of student needs for workplace readiness.

Work-Based Learning Opportunities and Mentorship

Industry partners will provide settings where students can participate in real-life working environments, in-person or virtually, and can gain career experience and apply their coursework knowledge and skills. These opportunities can be structured as a long-term experience or they can be delivered in shorter, structured time frames where students can have opportunities to job shadow, receive mentoring and be exposed to soft-skills and workplace expectations.

Advisory Board

As a key component to overall student and project success, members of the board will contribute to the goals and desired outcomes of the EEDW project. The board will collaborate monthly with the EEDW project team, through virtual meetings, by sharing their industry knowledge, direct experience and expertise to foster the exploration of options, concepts, project growth and direction.